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CV Hans-Ueli Schlumpf

My core competencies

  • Self-Leadership as prerequisite to lead others
  • Strucutred problem solving & decision making
  • Communication & conflict resolution
  • Effective Change Management
  • Dialogue- and Learning Culture in Organizations
  • Meaningful Self-Organization
  • Reflective practice & Learning Organization


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Short Biography

As a coach, consultant and mediator I have certificates in these fields from the Zurich Academy of Applied Sciences (ZHAW).

Continuous education in training and coaching aswell as self experiential personal development (see below) have not only enriched my »tool box« but also taken my own development process - personally aswell as professionally - significant steps further.

I can draw from many years of experience in a wide array of change projects of different kinds and sizes - first and foremost with myself, but also with Leaders, Teams, Business Units and Organizations in various industries and contexts. Whereas I never repeat »the same experiences« but look at every new situation anew in order to support future oriented development.

My »Learning Biography« has taken me from growing up in a small familiy business to a career in the same customer and service oriented industry. Thus I have worked my way from the apprenticeship up, graduated from the Higher Hotel Business Academy and moved on to Middle Management, General Management, People Development, Teaching, Consulting and temporary Management roles.

Significant life experiences of my own aswell as people in my immediate environment have triggered my interests in some of Life's most existential questions, and thus in associated sciences, such as Psychology, Philosophy, Metaphysics). Over the course of my own development path the »Human Being in the Work Place« has more and more become my focus of interest as well as my core expertise.

A relatively large number of professional roles and radical change and redirection of career have taken me over and over again into jobs, organizations, and life contexts where it was about »creating something new«. Thus my specialization in Change Management and my mission as a Change Agent were continuously chaped.

The synthesis of my biography has taken concrete forms in my integrative Coaching and Consulting Concepts EvoluCreation® The Future Organization and MasterMyLife® The Future You, which I'm happy to make available to you as rich resources in order for you to work towards shaping your Organization and Life towards the Future You Want.



  • Founder, Coach, Consultant, Author (CCIEL - Competency Center for Integral Evolution and Leadership; Concept Design of EvoluCreation® - The Future Organization and MasterMyLife® - The Future You, 2018-)
  • Founder, Coach, Trainer for Communication and Leadership (Bodhicon - Inspiring Business Culture, 2010-2017)
  • People & Organizational Development Manager (Pfizer Pharmaceuticals, 2000-2009)
  • Teacher for Organization & Management, Supervisor for Applied Studies (Hotel Management Academy Belvoirpark, HF, 1997-1999)
  • Design of the Training and Coaching Concept in-pro-fit (Intuitive Professional Fitness for People, Teams, and Projects, 1996)
  • General Management, Co-Ownership in Restaurant Businesses (CH/USA, 1989-1996)
  • Career from Apprenticeship across various Specialist to Middle Management Roles (1976-1989)

Degrees and Continuous Education

  • Master of Advanced Studies »Development & Coaching in Organizations« (ZHAW)
  • Certificate of Advanced Studies »Conflict Management & Mediation« (ZHAW)
  • »Methodologies & Didactics« Seminar (ZHAW)
  • »Communication, the Art of Sharing« (Prof. Dr. W. Schley)
  • »Working under more pressure - and less meaning«  (Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. F. Glasl)
  • »The healthy and mindful Work Place« (Prof. Dr. G. Dobos)
  • »Growth-Development-Spirituality, 'Organizational Change Management' is not enough« (Prof. Dr. Dr. h.c. F. Glasl)
  • »Management Revolution« (SGO Fall Event)
  • »Manage Change effectively« (MZSG)
  • »Outdoor Team Coaching«  (Krebs & Partner AG)
  • »Breakthrough to Peak Performance« for Trainers (Pfizer, New York)
  • »Psychodrama« (Iris Boneberg)
  • Member of several Peer Groups
  • Hotel Business Academy Belvoirpark HF

Mindfulness Practice & Personal Development

  • Qigong (Qilingong, Master Lin Kaiting 2010-)
  • Zen (Pia Gyger, Marcel Steiner 2001-)
  • Via Integralis (Pia Gyger)
  • Non linear Leadership (Lassalle-Institut, Michael Walleczek)
  • Deep Imagery (Prof. Dr. E. Stephen Gallegos)
  • Medial Counseling (Susi Herzog)
  • Yoga & Higher Chakra Retreat, Ibiza (Cosmic Pineapple)
  • Detox Yoga (Annette Belal-Schimandl)
  • Personal Development Training (S+C)
  • Learning Love Retreat, Bali (Learning Love Institute)
  • Reiki I & II (Mara Münst)
  • The Inner Master (Anand Nayak)
  • Personal Counseling (Evelyn Wirth-Freimüller)
  • Basic Training in Astrology (Ruth Schmidhauser)

CCIEL - Competency Center for Integral Evolution and Leadership

Hans-Ueli Schlumpf
CH-4102 Binningen / Basel (Switzerland)
T: +41 (0)79 888 92 92    W: www.cciel.ch



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